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One Week Left to Pledge! (and other updates...including, but not limited to, benches and license pla

Good Morning Friends!

There is only one week left to donate to our Kickstarter campaign. Time is flying and we have a way to go! HUGE thanks to all 63 of you who have already pledged, I'm so grateful for your support! I think we can accomplish our goal if we all work together.

Please share this blog post (or this direct link to kickstarter: Your shares on social media, in emails from you personally, and in texts all work well. Tell a friend or two won't you? Pretty please?

The funds raised will help Lucky's open the right way. As a complete package. You will be helping to pay for new garage doors, some interior work and other expenses associated with our buildout as well as planter boxes, art, and countertops. Even the smallest donation helps and I will accept it with an overflowing, grateful heart. Thank you, thank you.

Other happenings this week:

- Exterior brick work has begun, we are closing up some holes where doors used to be and cutting a new door in the back as well. Excitement level: 3

-Interior plumbing is ongoing, more holes being dug and restroom infrastructure being started. Excitement level: 2

-My very talented husband just finished this bench for Lucky's. The backrest is an up-cycled tailgate from a Ford plow truck named "The Ninja". How cool is that? Excitement Level: 10!

- License plates are rolling in too! I'm so touched and thrilled that the community is wanting to be a part of this. Each day I find little metal presents at Lucky's. Thank you all!

Yesterday, a lovely woman named Helen stopped in to tell me the story of a plate she was delivering. I'll share it with you all as I was SO TOUCHED. Her beloved father, a long time Roy's customer, had just passed away a few days prior. After discussing with her family they decided that their father's custom NH plate featuring his Hamm radio handle would be best suited to live on at Lucky's. Honestly, I'm tearing up writing this. I'm so honored. The community of people coming forward to be a part of Lucky's is astounding to me. I know I say it a lot, but I truly mean it....I'm very, very grateful. There's a reason I named this place "Lucky's". Excitement level: Infinity

Keep your eyes peeled for this plate at Lucky's

- Exciting conversations are being had about upcoming events to be hosted at Lucky's as well. So many ideas for community building are being hatched!

A side note to all of you who have tried to place catering orders, I so WISH I could commit to fulfilling them but I just have no way of knowing my exact opening date. Excitement level: very high indeed!

We are getting there.

Soon we will be drinking coffee and tea together.



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