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Houston, we have a building permit. Prepare for Lift-Off.

What a long road it's been to getting our building permit. I am incredibly grateful and READY to begin construction. We still have some details to work through but we can at least get started!

The past week has been filled with clean-up and some demolition work. An interior wall had to be taken down and will be rebuilt in the same spot to current code among other things. Renovating a garage is tough work and unexpected surprises are bound to arise, I can only guess at this point how long this whole process will take. I'm hoping that in 6 weeks we may be getting pretty close to opening day!

Despite it being dirty, I actually enjoy demolition work. You never know what you're going to find. While taking the concrete block wall down we discovered several fully intact Schlitz beer bottles stashed in the 'holes' of the blocks. So funny. We also found a small sign, a dog tag and some other random goodies that will go into a shadow box piece of art to honor Roy's.

A fresh coat of crisp white paint after a DEEP, DEEP cleaning will make all the difference in this space. Soon there will be flowering planters, colorful umbrellas shading outside tables and the smell of baking cookies.

Coming Soon!



Coffee and Art coming soon!

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