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Lucky's Progress, Updates and other good things

Hello Friends!

I thought share a quick update about Lucky's progress. Time is flying, I'll do my best to keep you all in the loop.

As you know, Lucky's is running a Kickstarter campaign, we have two weeks left to raise some much needed funds. I would be ever so appreciative if you could share our link on social media or via email. If you wanted to share your personal excitement with me or anyone else I would love that too! I am buoyed by your excitement, truly!

The funds raised through Kickstarter will help with the final buildout of the space. Renovating a garage is difficult and weird....we are discovering new hiccups each day. I am now replacing the garage doors, this is an unexpected expense, but will be well worth it in the winter. I will also use the funds to purchase outdoor furniture, install a sign and build planter boxes among other things.

By donating, you can also choose from a whole variety of fun rewards. It's a win, win!

Shareable link:

Yes, coffee! It's first on my list of updates.

1. Coffee! I've nailed down the house blend we will be serving as our batch brewed coffee. I've even come up with a name: ROADTRIP. Who doesn't like road trips? I'm currently designing the label as well. Fun and tasty stuff! I've chosen our espresso and am excited to share some interesting varietals via our pourover bar as well. Can't wait for you to come in for a cup!

2. I haven't forgotten about tea either, I'm designing a nice tea program as an alternative to our coffee. News on that is coming soon. Tasting, tasting, tasting!

Now onto construction which up takes up most of my time these days:

3. We FINALLY have a plumbing permit. Pipe trenches have been dug and pipes are being laid as I type. This is very exciting but not very photo worthy so I'll spare you. Just know the before/after photos will be awesome!

4. While plumbing is being laid, the interior structural wall is well under way as well. We had to remove an interior wall, dig a 4 foot deep footing through the floor and rebuilt it in the same place to satisfy the city. This is no small job, while the mason is busy laying concrete blocks I have been tracking down a very specific type of brick used to construct our building in the 1930's. Did you know there was brick factory in Lebanon? Yep, it used to be where Comcast is now. Trying to find these bricks is a bit like a scavenger hunt. We need them to infill spaces where we are removing exterior doors.

5. After we are through with this dirty structural work we will move on to raising the floor, insulating, and installing a new floor. Soon after that, it will be restroom installation, then framing of the kitchen area, then PAINTING. Now THAT will be photo worthy. Can't wait!

6. After interior painting, the talented Jocelyn Dana Thomas will be painting a 12 foot mural on the back wall. Here is a small sketch of what that will look like. It's a desert Southwest scene, specifically the Shiprock formation in New Mexico. I used to live near here when I was a child. Roadtrip anyone?

7. As many of you know, I am collecting license plates from all 50 states and beyond. I will use these plates to cover all 27 feet of my undercounter space. Do you have a license plate that you'd like to donate to live on inside Lucky's? If so, please feel free to drop it off at the garage, you can put it just inside the front door on the windowsill. Please be respectful of the hardworking crew inside though. Unfortunately, I don't need any more NH plates, I have lots of those! Thank to all of you who've donated thus far!

8. Kickstarter rewards! I've added a new reward, it's a Lucky's Logo tee shirt on navy blue 100% cotton. You should snatch one up and get one before anyone else! Soon I will have a photo of the travel mugs being crafted by Kristin from Clear Mountain Crafts in Claremont. Let me tell you though...they are SO COOL.

Did I cover everything?

Lucky's is coming soon! I PROMISE.



P.S. Here is a link to our Kickstarter campaign, won't you consider donating? Please? With whipped cream and a chocolate drizzle on top?


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