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Dreaming of a Latte (and a Building Permit)

All dreams start with a vision.

I invite you to look past what needs to be done (which is A LOT) and imagine sitting here with me. You have a latté in a cute blue cup with a matching saucer, and you're half way through a muffin. Imagine the sounds of good music and friendly conversation while watching the world go by.

Ok, maybe not with your feet up...

I can now see why Greg favored this spot for all of those years, the view is fabulous.

Look past the work that has to be done, past the years of use and its history as a garage.....keep looking... imagine art on the walls, a mural, colorful tables, sunlight slanting in, and orange chairs.

I can almost smell cookies baking and coffee brewing...almost....right now it smells like a garage but I can smell past it, can you?

Listen too....I can hear coffee shop tunes, milk being steamed, and people laughing.

Keep looking, imagining, dreaming with me...soon it will be reality.

Soon and getting sooner.

Yours, Deb

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