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I’m the proud owner of Lucky’s Coffee Garage. Seriously, how lucky am I?  This idea has been brewing with me for quite a while (pun fully intended). 


I grew up in Northern Maine, traveled and lived in many places, and now find myself having come full circle back to beautiful New England.​

After spending a decade on the West Coast, where the coffee shop scene is vibrant and ever-present, I realized that I truly missed it. My search began for the perfect location. After a series of chance encounters, lucky timing, and universal idiosyncrasies, I fell into the opportunity to lease what was once the iconic Roy’s Auto Service building located at Colburn Park in Lebanon, NH. I am over the moon about this location and am VERY excited to share it with you.

My experience is long and varied and reads more like a bucket list than a resumé. I believe that the sum of people’s experiences makes them who they are and that EVERYTHING is a transferrable skill. My interests are varied to be sure. I went to college for Geology and Art, I’ve managed a deli and a restaurant, which eventually led me to owning a café/coffee shop in Oregon in the late 1990s serving pourover coffee exclusively.  I’ve worked in an ER, then in hospital administration, and in management. I’ve been a freelance artist, a seamstress, and a meat cutter. I’ve worked for the forest service, and driven across this great country many times. I am a mother of two lovely teenage daughters whom you will likely meet at Lucky’s. My talented husband, Dave, is a woodshop teacher and built the bars, benches, and coffee tables you'll see at Lucky's. 


When not in pursuit of the "perfect cup of coffee," I love to knit, weave, spin, paint, sew, garden, take photographs, and cook. Occasionally I sleep, and snuggle with my three little dogs, too.

Stop by for a high five; I’m sure we have SOMETHING in common!






I recently relocated to the Upper Valley from Portland, Oregon where I've gained nearly a decade of experience as a Barista in some of the city's finest coffeehouses.


Before that I have worked in roasting and coffee education, which enabled me to travel to a handful of coffee farms and processors in Mexico and Central America. I am excited to join the team at Lucky's and am eager to help bring the best cafe experience the area has ever seen.

Twenty Three years ago I walked into my first kitchen in Cleveland, Ohio and I've been working with food ever since. I flirted with the short-lived idea of teaching English, but decided food was a more passionate pursuit.

Having worked in many restaurants in the Upper Valley, I'm super ready to be a part of the excitement that is Lucky's!!

When not helping make delicious coffee drinks or provide excellent creative food, I'm a a dad to three of the louder and more chaotic little boys in Vermont and New Hampshire.

See you at Lucky's!


Hi there, I'm Tim. I'm probably not awake yet, but that's why I'm at Lucky's. Fresh coffee is vital to my daily living! I bring 14+ years of restaurant experience, mostly in the baking world. I'm excited to make Lucky's your destination for great coffee and conversation!





Hi everyone! I'm Kimberly, a graduate of New England Culinary Institute with a associates degree in baking and pastry. My passion is making people happy through their tummy and putting a smile on their face.

I grew up in the Upper Valley. I'm excited to be part of the new adventure that is Lucky's Coffee Garage. I hope to see all of you at Lucky's enjoying a fresh muffin and cup of coffee. See you soon!


When not designing schematics for amazing coffee drinks or devising increased efficiencies of customer service, I dabble in aerospace engineering.  





Hi There! I'm a recent transplant to the Upper Valley from Portland, Oregon. Fun fact: Mark and I worked across the street from each other back in PDX.

I've been baking professionally for the last 12 years, and now I'm getting a chance to step out of the kitchen a bit and chat with ya'll. I love dogs, crackers, most beverages, the Portland Trailblazers, and my family (especially my two beautiful nephews). I miss a lot of things from home, but I am having an adventure out here, and meeting some pretty lovely people along the way! I"m looking forward to a great summer (let's get those garage doors up) full of volleyball, gardening, beverage and barbecues and lots of laughter. Oh, and a damn fine cup of coffee.

I'm here for the community, the tasty coffee and good conversation. In my free time I write, skateboard and occasionally perform spoken word. 



Helping to convert an old garage into a modern coffee shop has been an ideal opportunity for me to combine my rusty metal collection (which has not always been fully appreciated) with techniques I have acquired over the years teaching high school woodshop.  It's been a fun experience and I hope you enjoy the new space.  If you're truly lucky, I might even make you a drink! 




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